Unconditional Arms - "Fever Basin" Official Music Video

Directed by Sinan Germirli

Dancer / Choreography: Theresa Sivard

Producers: Sinan G., Chris Schiell, Margery Tran

Editors: Serkan Ertekin, Sinan G., Margery Tran

FX: Serkan Ertekin

Spotify - http://tiny.cc/fbspotify 7"


Bum Optics

Visuals over the ending of a song by  "Blue Monarch" in NYC.

music: SerkanErtekin/guitar,  RogerBrown/bass, AhmetAtamen/drums+piano


Viral.  Mercedes-Benz 250K Facebook Film.

2012. Telly Award // Art Direction Category. 250K Viral Video. Mercedes-Benz. Art director.

2012. Telly Award // Animation Category. 250K Viral Video. Mercedes-Benz. Director.

Artechin Production


This was a school project for a cinematography class in 2004. It is old but I still feel a connection. 

 I first wrote the poem, thought about places that could be the best to portray and support the mood I needed, then went out to shoot for two days, discovered new places, I was still quite new to the city. My good friend Cagan Yüksel helped me on editing and sound. And, Berk Aydın, also a great friend, roommate at the time, accepted to be my actor.