Serkan Ertekin grew up in Istanbul. He started doing his first animations on the old book pages from their home library. He won awards in music field at early ages.  His interest in film, photography and music moved him to New York. He worked as a designer and animator for companies in east and west coast, and won awards. He moved back home to his sources. 



  • 2015. Aidiyet . Belonging // film //  awards // director
  • 2014. Pera Museum // BYOB // Moving Image // Video Works
  • 2012. Telly Award // Animation Category. Blue Monarch Music Video. Director.
  • 2012. Telly Award // Art Direction Category. 250K Viral Video. Mercedes-Benz. Art director.
  • 2012. Telly Award // Animation Category. 250K Viral Video. Mercedes-Benz. Director.
  • 2011. Kristal Elma finalist. Mercedes-Benz , Magic. Creative Director.
  • 2010. Telly Award. NMDOT Breaking Glass. Storyboard Artist.
  • 2010. Polar Bear club ”Living Saints”, on stashmedia.tv. Music video of the week on iTunes. Design, animation.
  • 2009. Spike Lee’s “This is It-Michael Jackson” music video. 2d artist.
  • 2006. Mega Movers, The History Channel. PromaxBDA North America Design Awards. Silver Award. Cg Artist.
  • 2005. IAF. “Mr.TV Head”, animation category finalist.
  • 2005. IAF. “Claymation”, animation category finalist.
  • 2000. Roxy Music Awards. “Aralık”, best performance award.
  • 1999. Music for “Le Rois Se Meurt” by Eugene Ionesco, theater play by IU.
  • 1997. Milliyet Music Competition, 4 awards.