Aidiyet | Belonging     Fiction | 2015 | 30’


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For the skillful synthesis of diverse cinematic elements and the effective mix of the realistic approach with fantasy, in order to offer a catharsis to the heroes; for the tenderness that emerges by the cinematic vocabulary and defines the author’s style; for the pertinent, not explicit but implicit gaze on the contemporary life in our cities.


Kaan has always been looking for a meaning in his life. Gizem and Bengi were in love but the city didn't welcome much girls like them. Fuat had spent his life as a homeless in the streets of Istanbul. There has been a belief that an old spiritual ship once got stuck in Istanbul. A ship that would only be visible to the ones who would belong to it, who would need it in their lives. A ship that would take them to where they belong to. The ship was about to take off.

Director: Serkan Ertekin      Cinematographer: Mehmet Başbaran

Artechin Production

VFX: Artechin, Sound: Post Bıyık , Color: Sinefekt


13th Tirana International Film Festival , winner of Best Regional Film, AltCine Award

58th RIFF, winner of Best Director Award

66th Montecatini ISFF, Opera Prima / Best first film Award

Tenerife IFF, winner of Best Cinematograhy and Best Production Awards

İzmir Kısa Film Festivali, Best Experimental Film Award

Indieflicks, Director's choice Award

Beeston FF, Best Cinematography Award

If! Istanbul IFF, Offical Selection

Eskişehir film Festival, Official Selection

Geneva IFF, Official Selection

Hoboken IFF, Official Selection

Blowup International Arthouse FF, Official Selection

Paris IFF, Official Selection